About The Client

Lendlease, a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company, was using a complex and time-consuming system to decipher the skills and competency of workers across their thousands of sites and projects.

The risk of having untrained and unskilled workers on Lendlease sites escalated due to a lack of insight and meaningful data. Often, a standard ‘shared drive’ was used to check worker qualifications.

Lendlease needed a comprehensive single solution to manage their agile workforce. This solution needed to be scalable and fast as their workers moved across multiple sites and projects, with no time to waste.



Where Pegasus Came In

Lendlease turned to Pegasus to meet their challenges of safety, scaling, and mobility in a customised construction solution we call Lendlease Site Access.

Significant administrative time has been saved as data and skills are now easily entered and accessed from the system. Workers are mobilised as all their competency's and training are managed in the secure online portal.

Access ID and eCards give compliant workers instant site access, with more mobility and less downtime. Risk is reduced when standards are set and met, and our partnership allows Lendlease to focus on project delivery and success.


What We Achieved

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