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How to Better Manage Your Workforce with Pegasus

Managing a large workforce is complex.

Whether overseeing a mine site, construction site, manufacturing plants, or rail projects, it can be difficult to maintain consistency.

There’s legislation to meet, projects to complete, and workers to manage. It requires a great deal of administrative resources and the finer details can often be missed with information stored in different areas.

This is where Pegasus comes in.

Our software exists to provide total insight into your workforce, manage risk, increase productivity, manage compliance, and stay connected.

ServiceModulesGraphicOur products can be used as a complete workforce management solution or stand alone. The first step in helping you better manage your workforce begins with Company Pre-Qualification.



1. Set your own standards

Every organisation operates differently. The projects you carry out won’t be the same as another company in another industry. The legislation you need to meet varies. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

We understand this.

It’s why Pegasus Company Pre-Qualification allows you to set the standards. Who better placed to know the unique information your organisation needs to collect from contracting companies than you?

Chosen administrators from contracting companies working on your behalf are then invited to register an account in your workforce management solution. Once approved, they can login and manage their details.

Their information is collected, compared, and verified against your standards. This way, you can be sure those working for you are playing on the same field.

2. Leverage off our industry expertise

You want a customisable solution, unique to your organisation, but you’re unsure where to begin. You might be starting fresh and the thought of having to set your own standards is overwhelming.

At Pegasus, we have industry expertise and can guide you through this process. We’re able to provide recommendations based off our learnings from clients in the same industry; we don’t have the reinvent the wheel.


3. Learn more about your contractors

One of our clients, facilities management experts City FM, uses Company Pre-Qualification as a stand-alone product in the Pegasus solution.

Partnering with Pegasus has provided City FM with oversight, going beyond verifying licences and insurances in the system, to the core of safety on their client sites and stores.

“The contractors we’re engaging are performing works to a high standard when it comes to safety, and we have this information contained in one easy to use portal that we can refer to all times,” said Elizabeth Tomic, City FM Process and Compliance Manager.

4. Effectively manage your risk

When a contracting company begins the process of being pre-qualified, they complete a questionnaire about their work for your company (scope, sites and projects, frequency).

This information then categorises them as high, medium or low risk. Using the information collected in the risk profile, contracting companies will upload corresponding insurances and licences for verification by Pegasus.

Hilton Foods, who uses Company Pre-Qualification as part of a complete package, has seen the benefits in relation to risk management.

“I think Pegasus is probably the closest you can get to good compliance; the benefit is you’ve got a consistent standard for everyone that’s being employed,” said Chris Taylor, Hilton Foods Head of Safety and Wellbeing.

“It’s ensuring the risk is managed.”


5. Decrease administrative resources

Say goodbye to the days of Excel spreadsheets, saved across various employee desktops, each one with a slight variance in information. Pegasus provides a single platform, where all documentation is stored and easily accessible.

For Hilton Foods, Company Pre-Qualification replaced the need to phone contactor’s insurance companies, as documents are collected, compared and verified to their set safety standards.

The Workforce Management System sends email notifications to contractors to ensure ongoing maintenance of their insurances and licenses, so they meet compliance to your standards.

You no longer have to keep on-top of ongoing compliance—Pegasus does this for you.


6. All the information you need is in one place

A contracting company has gone through the process. Their information and documents are checked against your standards. They’re marked as compliant. They can now begin working on your behalf and you have the peace of mind knowing they’re the right company for the job.

All of the information they’ve provided is stored in the Pegasus platform—providing a single source of truth for you to manage your workforce.

7. Empower your team

At the click of a button, you have high-level overview of the contracting companies working for you. With this information, you can empower your operations team to better manage your workforce.

Not only has your job been made easier, but your sites are now safer.

Insights into Pegasus Data: August 2020

There was an increase in the number of workers on site for Pegasus clients in August 2020.

August 2020 Insight Hours

Our site logpoint data recorded strong numbers with 48,102 workers swiping their access cards across all industries. While there was an increase in workers on site, they were working for shorter periods of time which produced a lower average shift of 6.96 hours. A total of 4.31 million hours were logged in August compared to 4.55 million in July.

We welcomed 13,187 new workers into the Pegasus system in August. While this was slightly fewer workers than July, we can see that our Retail and Mining clients have continued to maintain high enrolments.

August 2020 Insight Industries

Retail workers added to Pegasus System July 6,180 August 3,423

Mining workers added to Pegasus System July 5,445 August 2,397

Manufacturing, Tech, and Safety Align with Pegasus and Lion

Lion launches their contractor safety system with Pegasus this week, signaling a crucial partnership between one of Australasia’s largest food and beverage companies and the leading workforce management tech company.

Committed to long-term, sustainable growth, Pegasus has found a like-minded partner in Lion and will manage contractor safety for brands starting in New Zealand – including Speights, Emerson’s, Panhead Brewery, Wither Hills, and LK – with expansion of the system to Australia, the UK and USA imminent.

An Alignment of Values

“We’re looking forward to partnering with likeminded innovators who are embracing the use of technology in manufacturing and onboarding a higher skillset of contractors,” said Jo Dixon, Head of Sales at Pegasus.

“One of the great things about Lion is they’re equally excited to work with a subject matter expert in contractor management.”

“They’re looking for Pegasus to take them on the workforce journey as they further expand their safety standards on a global scale.”

“It has been a nice alignment of values as Lion is known worldwide for best practice in safety.”

The Essentials of Keeping Safe

Lion safety essentials

Keeping everyone safe everyday is a key focus at Lion. The organisation says no matter where people are based, everyone who works with them knows their basic expectations when it comes to safety.

Partnering with Pegasus will see Lion replace a paper-based process for managing contractors which was inconsistent, labour-intensive, and caused delays for contractors getting on site.

“The current system we have was really difficult to apply across all our international locations – there are different rules and different legislation across the UK, US, and Australia,” said Andy Graves, Safety Leader Marketplace at Lion.

“We need a system that works across those different locations to keep our Lion team members and our contractors safe.”

A partnership with Pegasus underscores their safety essentials as contractors register and maintain their compliance to important safety rules.

“We need to be able to very quickly identify contractors that are qualified to do the type of job we’re asking them to do,” said Andy.

Using a single system with Pegasus will allow Lion to build stronger partnerships with valued contractors across their network. This will complement Lion’s Safety Essentials, one of their key commitments to worker safety and wellbeing.

Pegasus will help us build a Global Contractor Safety Solution across the entire Lion network in Australia, New Zealand, the US and the UK,” said Andy.

We’re proud to partner with Lion as we help them cement their status as leaders in safety.


Pegasus Partners With First Copper Mine

Aeris Resources has become the first copper mine to join Pegasus. A diversified mining and exploration company with two operational assets: Tritton Copper Operations in NSW and Cracow Gold Operations in Queensland, Aeris Resources knows the importance of safe work to build a strong business.

Their previous systems for managing worker safety requirements were manual and unsustainable to the growth of their business.

Partnering with Pegasus will save on administration time as Aeris Resources will be provided with a full Workforce Management Solution and Access Control system. An effective safety culture is key to their success.

“Pegasus appealed to us as a single source solution for People and Safety requirements,” said Talan Breaden, Manager of People & Safety at Aeris Resources – Tritton Operations.

“Being able to cost efficiently outsource allowed us to free up and reduce administrative resources.”

“We understand safe work is essential for a strong business, Pegasus is a part of our business that will assist us in achieving this.”

The Aeris Resources Safety Management System uses the mining industry framework focused on the control of Catastrophic Potential Events, which have the potential to cause life-changing injuries. Aeris has a focus on Critical Control Management that supports the development of an effective safety culture and a successful business.

“We’re proud Pegasus has been selected by Aeris Resources – Tritton Copper Operations. It’s our first copper mine and we’re excited to work with an expanding company like Aeris Resources,” said John Furner, Pegasus Head of Mining Services.

Through adopting the Pegasus solution, contractors working for Aeris Resources will register and maintain their compliance in a single online Contractor Management System. By registering their business and workers, Aeris Resources can ensure workers have the appropriate qualifications for their role and have completed the relevant induction training before attending site.

We are proud we can offer a single solution to Aeris Resources as they expand their business.

Hilton Foods Finds the All-In-One Solution They Needed

The Challenge

Hilton Foods is part of the Hilton Food Group, established in the UK with meat manufacturing plants worldwide.

One of Hilton’s top priorities is to achieve continual improvements in health and safety. Staff review policies, processes, and procedures to ensure risks are properly assessed, with actions taken to protect the safety of all workers.

When Hilton branched out from Woolworths into their own private entity in 2018, there was already a strong understanding of Pegasus and how it supports the safety of Woolworths contractors. That same risk management and certainty was needed at Hilton.

The Solution

Using the end-to-end Pegasus solution is saving Hilton time and money spent on manual processes, and giving the company certainty of a safe workforce.

Company Pre-Qualification has replaced the need to phone contactor’s insurance companies, as documents are collected, compared and verified to set safety standards.

Worker Competency Management enables Hilton contractors to upload the appropriate qualifications direct to the system, avoiding double handling and encouraging self-service.

A Trusted System

Head of Safety and Wellbeing, Chris Taylor, brought his experience and knowledge of the Pegasus system in the transition from Woolworths to Hilton.

Now Pegasus manages safety and compliance of over 1,700 workers from over 200 companies for Hilton across three states.

“Some systems have some of what Pegasus offer and others have the other part,” said Chris.

“What we really found was that there was not one provider that offers the end to end solution that Pegasus offers.”

“This was always going to be more appealing to me because it means less work for us.”

Consistent Standards for Risk Management

The biggest risk for Hilton Foods is a worker suffering an injury or accident while on one of their sites.

Through the Pegasus Company Pre-Qualification, Worker Competency Management and Learning Management products, Hilton Foods contractors have become more compliant and safe workers – proving their competence and completing their safety training.

“There’s all different perceptions around what good compliance on contractor management is,” said Chris.

“I think Pegasus is probably the closest you can get to good compliance; the benefit is you’ve got a consistent standard for everyone that’s being employed.”

“It’s ensuring the risk is managed.”

Ahead of the Game

Having Pegasus already in place has been crucial when COVID-19 become an issue on job sites globally. Site access solutions linked to worker profiles, and the ability to crosscheck contractors on site, means Hilton can quickly find the information they need to trace a worker’s time on site.

As Hilton expands their operations into New Zealand, they will be leveraging the same process which has seen a successful Pegasus implementation in Australia.

“The engineering manager over in New Zealand is quite supportive of it and thinks it’s a fantastic solution,” said Chris.

Using Pegasus has attracted more qualified contractors for Hilton Foods which brings a certain level of comfort.

“It’s a system that sits there and we use it and it’s good,” said Chris. “We’re all supportive of it.”

Insights into Pegasus Data: July 2020

Industry Insights July 2020

If June was a quieter month, then July has seen a surge in new workers added to Pegasus systems to work for our clients, even as COVID-19 impacts the world economy.

It’s the Mining and Retail industries leading the way:

Mining workers added to Pegasus system June: 3,978 July: 5,445

Retail workers added to Pegasus system June: 4,293 July: 6,180

Across all industries, 23,482 new workers were added to the Pegasus platform to work on our client sites in July – a big increase from June’s total of 18,519.

Logpoint Hours July 2020

As for the time workers are spending on site, Pegasus logpoint data recorded 37,216 workers swiped their access cards for 4.55 million hours on site. The average shift was 7.25 hours.

Pegasus for SMEs & Subcontractors with Compliance Fox

This step supports our strategy to expand our workforce competency network to support the entire workforce – beyond contractors and employees to include SME subcontractors, many of whom work for Pegasus clients and their large contractors.

“Plenty of our clients use Pegasus to manage their sites and contractors, and we use Compliance Fox for our own workforce management.” said Darren Walsh, National Operations Manager at ARA Fire Protection, a subcontractor to Pegasus clients including ALDI, Woolworths, and John Holland.

“This acquisition aims to drive better visibility and management of our clients’ compliance requirements for us, as well as giving Compliance Fox more resources to continue developing and supporting their software,” said Mr Walsh.

“Our Operations and Safety teams will be very happy!”


How does it work?

Compliance Fox enables SME subcontractors to maintain a job-ready workforce in minutes per month – removing inefficiencies, preventing injuries, and reducing site gate rejections.

The software will be fully integrated into the Pegasus platform, benefiting organisations like ARA Fire Protection who manage their compliance in the traditional Pegasus software when working for larger Pegasus clients.

Together, Pegasus and Compliance Fox manage the safety and competency of over 3 million workers for more than 80,000 companies on a single network, offering workforce management solutions and pricing for the full spectrum of company size, no matter teams of 10 or 10,000.

Compliance Fox Operations Manager, Harry Balding, joins Pegasus as Head of Sub-Contractor Services alongside business partner Peter Hubbard in a Product Leadership capacity.

“We look forward to offering SMEs and subcontractors the same degree of assurance and risk management that we offer our larger clients for whom they work,” said Pegasus CEO Adam Boyle

Are you an SME Subcontractor who would like to manage workforce safety and risk in your own Pegasus solution? Contact us today to learn more: email or call 1300 441 433